Our mission:

Training for people who would like to enter the profession of massage.

Training for licensed massage therapists to improve their expertise. 

Professional mentoring and support for licensed practitioners.

Public access to affordable professional massage.

Promote multidimensional wellness.                                                                                          

TeomaCenter offers 28 years of expert experience. (see Henry Teo Corley below). 

This is an exceptional program designed with you in mind.

"A fantastic educator! Teo is extremely knowledgeable about massage and anatomy. He teaches in a variety of ways, reaching students with different learning styles: lecture, discussion and best of all the hands-on demonstrations and constructive feedback. He empowers his students to think for themselves, challenging and always encouraging us to strive for our best. Learning about massage and anatomy from Teo was also about tapping into our own inner strengths and overcoming any fears we may have, which I think helped each of us to choose our own best direction. He clearly has passion for his work and for sharing his love and skills in massage. Teo has been a major positive influence in my life as I continue to learn and grow as a massage therapist. Anyone would be lucky to have him as the director, teacher, mentor, involved in their learning."


Director’s Corner:

Teoma Wellness Center offers a full service, complete education in massage.
My name is Teo, Henry Corley. I have been a practicing massage therapist since 1985. My focus has been to support massage therapists to view wellness from several perspectives every session...thus, Multidimensional Wellness Massage. I am always looking to find the best possible combination of education paradigms to contribute to the success of every student.
A major focus at TeomaCenter is curriculum review and updates to provide that best possible massage training. We train high-level experts and provide professional mentoring and support. Individualized training in small classes in traditional and advanced massage may give you a competitive edge opportunity.       

 Our program is designed to provide you individualized training that is tailored to your personal style of work. 

With small classes of up to 12 students, our focus is on every individual student. Your education is our priority. We will support you in every way available to help you to be successful in the exciting field of therapeutic massage. A majority of massage practitioners are self-employed, so we train every massage therapist from an entrepreneurial perspective.  We will teach you how to market yourself even to a company. We will discuss ways that many of my graduates have used to become successful. Our graduates have even created positions for themselves!  

Our staff makes decisions based on merit and fairness. We offer personal education and are results oriented.               

Part of our mission is to provide one of the best education opportunities around!! We need more able, well-trained massage therapists working in the community who are well trained to provide excellent service. We hope to provide you with a great education combined with the leadership to be successful. 

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