H. Teo Corley, Programs Director, Senior Professor     

Our professors:
H. Teo Corley, Vinny Andrews, Nancy Wilde                                                                                                     

Every member of our team is expert,  licensed massage therapist who have run their own businesses. They bring their years of expertise into the classroom, teaching by example and direct experience. Every lesson is presented using a competency-based learning model that presents clearly outlined objectives for each class. This ensures that every student knows exactly what is expected.

"I had the great fortune to have Teo as my instructor for Therapeutic Massage at MassBay Community College. Teo always has a positive attitude, is patient, organized and thorough. He wants to see his students succeed and will do whatever he can to make that happen. Teo is quite experienced in massage and its many modalities and is willing to share his knowledge so that others will be successful as well. I appreciated his guidance and the confidence he gave me has made me love my job as a Massage Therapist for the past 7 years. Teo is truly an inspiration and anyone who has the chance to work with or be taught by him will be blessed to have known him."