Come get a massage by a qualified student intern

$25*. for a full hour appointment  

*Seniors, Vets, & Students are offered a $5 discount off the $25 rate.

The community massage clinic offers semi private room with a professional set-up. Relaxing massage for stress management and working out the kinks that daily life leaves behind. Your one hour appointment is designed to enhance wellness through relaxation.

Make your appointment by text, call, or email for your appointment.


Text/Call: 617.935.7072

Please provide us the professional courtesy at least 8 hours notice for actual or potential cancellations. In the event that we are unable to fill the appointment after a late cancellation we must charge you for the appointment so the more notice the better!

We are looking forward to working with you!

"Teoma-Henry is a wonderful professor who has a vast knowledge base. Students in his classes are encouraged to participate in the discussion rather than be lectured too. Between his knowledge and teaching style, students got the most out of his classes. I still use many massage techniques that Teo taught me. 
As a massage therapist, Teo has the ability to feel what a clients body is telling him. He also can read the body in terms of what is the appropriate pressure for that client. This results in a relaxing and therapeutic massage experience. 
As a person, Teo is an excellent professor and leader who has a high moral character. He has dedicated himself to promoting the health benefits of the massage therapy profession.”